The Word's First Hygienic Watch - Semmelweiss

The Disinfectable watch is a scientifically designed and constructed masterpiece that rejects bacteria and harmful pollutants by virtue of its clean, seamless body; no external moving parts, complications, protrusions and cavities to detract from its sheer symmetry. If the watch has been worn in unhygienic conditions or in a polluted environment, it can be cleansed by efficient washing in soapy water, flushing in running water or disinfection by using any household
disinfectants; but not bleaching agents.

St. Gallen Horology developed The Semmelweiss in 2005 - the watch designed with a hygienic concept. It is one of the series of Disinfectable watches named after Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis for his pioneering research in hygiene which, amongst other successes, resulted in drastically reducing fatal puerperal fever in obstetric clinics.


Embracing the public hygiene dynamic, this watch appeals to
both health-conscious public and professionals olike who require a
completely reliable, multi-functional and durable instrument that
is quickly and easily cleansed: disinfected.


Behind the beautiful composition of our Disinfectable watch is a scientifically designed and constructed masterpiece that rejects bacteria or harmful pollutants by virtue of its clean, seamless body: no external moving parts, complications, protrusions and cavities to detract from its sheer symmetry.

This is life after Ignaz Semmelweis (1818-1865). the 19th century Hungarian professor of medicine who first identified the importance of hand disinfection standard could drastically reduce the incidence of fatal puerperal fever in obstetrical clinics (1847). Just as Prof. Semmelweis led the World in his pioneering research into the medical and general healthcare fields of infection control all those years ago, so St. Gallen have followed in his footsteps by producing the World's first hygienic wristwatch.

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